5 Bodybuilding Supplements for Beginners

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5 Bodybuilding Supplements for Beginners

When you first start training, it’s definitely normal to be overly enthusiastic and even somewhat impatient when it comes to results. This where supplements can make a huge difference. Unfortunately, the market is saturated with companies and products that claim to be the best, so how does anyone really know what actually works? 

In order for any kind of regimen to be successful, beginners need to focus on working hard, making sure they are utilizing a thorough training program that is adhering to their goals, and partaking in a diet that has the needed nutrients while using supplements to help you conquer your goals. 

Remember, not all supplements are created equal. For the maximum benefit, it’s best to ensure the supplements you are digesting are supported by scientific research, especially when it comes to safety. With this in mind, here are a few supplements that we at Nutrition HD believe are the most suitable and effective for beginning bodybuilders. 


1. Protein

Absolutely no surprise there, right? Adding protein to your diet can lead to larger improvements in strength as well as muscle size. When you eat or drink protein immediately before, during, or after your training, this helps stimulate protein synthesis and assists you in recovery. A higher protein diet also helps you shed more fat. Simply put, if you take a protein supplement (or any kind of protein source for that matter) you will feel much better when you train hard. 

What are the differences between whey protein and casein protein? 

Just as not all supplements are created equal, not all protein is created equal. Whey protein is digested in the human body faster. Because of this, it enters the bloodstream and starts doing what it’s designed to do faster. Casein protein digests in the human body slower than whey. It’s almost like a time-release effect. Whey may be the better call when it comes to training for before and after, and casein is better when you just don’t have the time to cook for your protein source. 

However, we cannot emphasize this enough, that protein supplements of any kind are no replacement for high-quality protein from food. The vitamins and minerals found in protein as food are vital for your overall health, and you won’t find that in whey or casein. 

Protein Fun Fact:

Did you know that research has shown that taking a protein supplement BEFORE you work out may be more efficient than taking a protein supplement AFTER? 


2. Fish Oils

In our opinion, everyone should be taking this super supplement. If you’re an avid ibuprofen popper, we encourage you to research the anti-inflammatory benefits of fish oil. Fish oil can also help when trying to lose weight, however, make sure you’re obtaining a quality supplement that contains more than 50% fish oil from EPA and DHA. The lower quality fish oils can contain higher than recommended amounts of mercury. 

3. Pre/Post-Workout (Carbs)

When you consume simple carbohydrates before, during or after exercise, you facilitate protein synthesis and glycogen resynthesis. This means your body is working harder to rebuild your muscles, replenish your energy, and recover faster. If you’re looking to add muscle mass and are high-intensity training, these are especially important. 

4. Creatine

We know there’s some serious information overload when it comes to creatine but fortunately, it is a supplement that has some of the most scientific research behind it. In a nutshell, taking a creatine supplement leads to greater improvements in strength and muscle size than you would if you didn’t take it. It’s also very important that creatine always be taken in the recommended doses. 

5. Greens

Lovely, leafy greens! In a nutshell, a quality greens supplement can help your body get back the nutrients it needs from fruits and vegetables if you’ve been neglecting to eat your share. There is an important distinction, however, as they are not for REPLACING your lack of eating fruits and vegetables. Greens supplements are for minimizing the effects of not getting enough fruits and vegetables. Think of your greens supplement as simply picking up the slack. 

At Nutrition HD, we don’t see a downside of getting a daily dose of greens along with a diet fairly rich in fruits in vegetables. If you’re consuming a large amount of protein, your blood pH can become more acidic and a science-backed greens supplement can help neutralize it. At Nutrition HD, we carry only the highest quality greens supplements. You can check out what we have online at nutritionhd.com



In Conclusion…

These five supplements can help you get the most out of your training. Make sure that you are part of a quality training regimen with proper nutrition and execution while the supplements assist you in feeling energized and assist in muscle recovery. Keep crushing it! 

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