Spotlight on the Body Mass Index

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Spotlight on the Body Mass Index

The BMI (or Body Mass Index) Chart is based on an equation devised in the 1830’s by mathematician, Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet. His equation was created as a means to determine overall thinness or fatness within a given population. Over time this has led to the equation being used as a tool for determining an individual’s overall weight. 

This has some pros and cons and it’s important to remember that the value does not determine health. Given that the equation does not account for fat versus muscle weight, it’s a good starting point to see where the weight you’re carrying on your frame falls in comparison to other proportions. It's also important to note that how you carry your weight can affect your health, more so than the amount of weight.

Tracking your BMI can help you keep an eye on weight loss as it relates to your height, and this can be a useful tool along your weight loss journey! Depending on your methods, your BMI can be an excellent starting point and gauge for tailoring your workouts appropriately. Maintaining a high BMI while you’re weight training? Most likely this means you’re gaining muscle while burning fat! BMI falling as you’re focusing on diet and cardio? Sounds like you’re in the zone and losing fat!

No matter what you’re doing it’s important that any diet and weight loss decisions are made with a physician. Your BMI may give you a starting number, but making an overall health decision requires a detailed look at how your body is performing and what changes you can make to optimize that performance. Health is a marathon, not a sprint, and making well-informed decisions will get you to your goals safely!

We have a handy calculator to help you determine your current BMI, which can help you determine the next move on your fitness journey. Whether you want to lose or gain weight, we have the perfect supplements to accomplish your goals in our store. 

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