Making Your COVID Vaccine More Effective

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Making Your COVID Vaccine More Effective

Getting ready to get your COVID vaccine? Already received your shot? Researchers have begun to connect nutrition to COVID vaccine efficacy! When we think of vaccine efficacy we tend to think of the vaccine itself, but new studies are establishing a link between nutrition and the immune system's response to the COVID vaccine, suggesting that with better health the body's response to the vaccine is generally better! 

Studies have shown that stress and anxiety can cause the body to take a little longer to develop antibodies after receiving a vaccine, and amongst all of the key factors in antibody development, nutrition plays a key role! By increasing vitamin D intake, along with exercise and other supplements, your body may have a better antibody response to the vaccine! 

Maintaining your overall health is key to giving your body the best opportunity to respond to the COVID vaccine and at Nutrition HD we've got a wide variety of supplements and vitamins to keep your body performing at top level! 


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