Breaking Up Back Pain

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Breaking Up Back Pain

Back pain. We've all been there and with everything opening back up, you might find that getting back to work has your back saying OUCH! Try these stretches to help get your spine realigned!

Child's Pose

This is a resting pose that elongates your spine, glutes, and hamstrings. Stretching in this pose can release tension in your lower back as well as your neck!

Forward Fold: 

The forward fold, much like the Child's Pose, is a static stretch that will help to loosen tension from your spine, hamstrings, and glutes. This pose also helps to open your hips and should stretch your legs as well! 

High Plank : 

The High Plank stretch is a combo move that can not only help to stretch your entire body but also help build core stability and balance! By doing the high plank you can alleviate current tension while promoting muscle toning to avoid future issues! 

The next time your back is giving you issues give these stretches a try before reaching for the pain killers! Yoga and stretching is an all natural, healthy way of relieving tension that not only helps the body but promotes mindfulness as well! Taking a few quiet minutes each day to stretch helps you to slow down, focus, and get ready for or wind down from your day! 

Looking for some different stretches? Check out this Healthline Article for more stretches to help promote healthy posture and relieve back pain!

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